Edward C. Matheny

District Elder Edward C. Matheny has been in the ministry for 40+ years.  He was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance on January 26th, 1979, at Greater Christ Temple Church in Nashville, Tennessee, under the pastorate of the late District Elder W. W. Harris.  After receiving the Holy Ghost, God called him to the ministry with signs showing.  During the first six months after receiving the Holy Ghost, he was instrumental in leading several college students to salvation.

Pastor Matheny is an avid bible teacher, having sat under such bible luminaries as the late Elder John H. Grier, Bishop Morris E. Golder, Elder Robert Scott and Suffragan Bishop Owen Young.  He has taught in the PAW National Convention and is a former Aenon Bible College Professor.

Pastor Matheny has served in various capacities through out his ministerial career.  He’s been a local youth leader, Sunday school teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Bible class teacher, associate minister, assistant pastor (twice), grounds keeper, Bible Bowl participant, bus driver, kitchen helper, evangelist, prison and nursing home minister, altar worker, Upper room leader, and usher.

District Elder Matheny is the pastor and founder of Berea Apostolic Faith Church located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  He is married to the lovely and gracious, Lady Oberon.  He and Sister Oberon, and their five children moved from Indianapolis, Indiana in January 1997 to begin the work of the LORD in Stone Mountain, Ga.

He is a prolific writer and has written several bible lessons which he hopes to publish in book format.  His “Teachable Moments” are read widely, and some are reproduced in other church newsletter publications, such as Bread of Heaven, Nashville TN.  He has also published several articles for the “Overcomer” newsletter.